Stefan Wolf’s ideal ecovillage and story of filming ‘A New We’

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Is going to school the only possibility?
In Germany there still exists compulsory education. However, it doesn¹t exist in countries like Austria or France. Just a few months ago, we visited our friend, Daniela *Ela* Gumpoltsberger in Upper Austria and we were totally surprised by her positive UNSCHOOLING-project! We were very happy to see the space and the courses she offers…

My Ideal Ecovillage
What the film A New We shows and demonstrates is that there is not just one way to live in a community or in an eco-village, but there are many ways. Thus each of us has to find out for him or herself what the individual needs are and which eco-village model serves these needs best.

Stefan Wolf’s Story of Filming ‘A New We’
“I had no money, and even less experience. I just had the will, the desire, and the determination, and I believed that I could do it and would stick to it until it was realized! “ It’s always encouraging to listen to Stefan’s filmmaking story. I want to share it here, for those who have dreams but see their dreams as too distant and maybe even impossible to realize. Continue

The Ringing Cedars – Anastasia’s Vegan Spirit
We quoted some important and beautiful messages about diet, from our favorite books – Anastasia, the ringing cedars series. These books always bring us back to our peaceful mind, make us realize the beauty of life and the love which has always been existing in and around us. Continue

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