Stealthy Alta Devices Raises $72M for Next-Gen PV

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Stealthy Alta Devices Raises $72M for Next-Gen PV
Promises of high efficiency and low cost abound for the thin film GaAs aspirant.

Shocker! A Utility That Ranks High in Customer Satisfaction
Forget about corporate speak—Salt River Project truly loves its customers and is reaping the benefits on the grid.

Solar Summit 2011: The Inverter Market: Cheap, Flat and Crowded
2010 saw solar inverters, the oft-neglected component of PV systems, shine—but will 2011 hold the same success?

Retroficiency: Software for Cutting the Fat Out of Retrofits
It’s almost a hybrid of Recurve and Scientific Conservation.

Bridgelux Says Silicon LEDs Coming: A Huge Step for Lighting
The impossible may be on the way.

Suntech Reports Big Q4 and $3B in 2010 Revenue; Stock Rallies
Record-setting revenue but a soft gross margin. Almost $1B in revenue in Q4, almost $3B for the year.

Eyeing Distribution Automation, Tropos Seeks More Capital
In the next 18 months, the winners and losers will be determined.

Will China Take Over the U.S. Wind Market?
Don’t they have enough wind in China?

Greentech VC Funding Has Another Huge Month
$700 million in greentech venture funding raised in February led by Fisker Automotive, Brightsource, and MiaSole.