State of the Art Technology from our Advisory Board member Gunter Pauli from his new book THE BLUE ECONOMY, which we highly recommend

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Today, wind delivers 1.6% of the world’s electricity with a total capacity of about 160,000 Megawatts (MW). In spite of the economic crisis it is expected that the growth in demand over the next decade will maintain double digit rates (12-13 percent). By 2020 as much as 10 percent of worldwide energy consumption could be supported by wind energy, good for 1,000 Gigawatts (GW). The Danish consulting group BTM predicts that by 2030 it could even reach 2,500 GW, good for 17 percent of global electricity consumption. This would avoid the emission of 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide, representing 28.2 percent of the global emissions
from all power stations.
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