Spread the word about central bank digital money! September 7th deadline

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Hundreds of us are responding to the Bank of England’s survey on the future of digital money. Together we’re demanding a fully public form of digital money that works for everyone, to counter the power of private banks and card companies. If you haven’t submitted your response yet, you can do it in 2 minutes here before the deadline on Tuesday.

One big issue is that not enough people know what a central bank digital currency is, or the opportunities it brings to democratise our economy. But together we can change that, by sharing this 2-minute explainer video with our friends and contacts.

Please will you share the video now? The more of us who share it, the more people there’ll be demanding the Bank of England make a fairer money system.



Positive Money has a whole host of short explainer videos on our website – where you can learn more about our broken money and banking system, and our ideas to change it. Some have been shared thousands of times across the internet, and people in our community often say these videos were a lightbulb moment for them.

Please share this video now to empower more people to challenge our broken money system — so together we can build a better one.



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