Special Edition of ‘The Convergence’ Magazine focusing on the Conscious Business World Summit

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Wealth of Networks

UNITY EARTH, one of our partners involved in organizing the Conscious Business World Summit, is further supporting the First Annual Conscious Business World Summit with its February 2019 special issue of The Convergence magazine entitled Waking Up and Growing Up: The Conscious Business World Summit.

In addition to an overview of the Summit, this special issue includes contributions from Summit organizers Steve Farrell, Stephen Dynako, Deborah Moldow and Kurt Johnson, as well as special features on Conscious Business by the world’s premier integral philosopher Ken Wilber and UNITY EARTH’s Executive Director, Ben Bowler.

Additional features on “Growing Up” — building a world that reflects the values of global “Waking Up” — are included by prominent thought leaders Gregg Braden, Duane Elgin, Denise Scotto, Andrew Cohen, Shelley Ostroff, Julie Krull and David Gershon.

Soon after the Summit concludes, there will be a follow-up issue of The Convergence and a VoiceAmerica special on its online radio series, The Convergence.

UNITY EARTH is a growing collective of peacemakers, interfaith and faith-based leaders, indigenous elders, diplomats, musicians and more working together to build a worldwide movement for unity and peace.

The Convergence magazine, presented by UNITY EARTH, is dedicated to the realization of spiritual unity throughout the world.

We hope you enjoy this Free issue of The Convergence magazine covering the First Annual Conscious Business World Summit.

Here again is the link to the special February 2019 Free issue

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