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With over 200 submissions, our WWW: Women Weave the Web Campaign is generating a huge buzz in our community and around the world! We have received powerful recommendations on Digital Literacy, but there is one voice still missing: YOURS!

Haven’t made up your mind yet about participating?  In addition to all the great reasons you can find for participating on our Learn More page, World Pulse is excited to make an important announcement.

Your Campaign Submissions Will be Delivered to:

World Summit on the Information Society (June 9-13, Geneva) – WSIS +10 is a high level forum organized by the United Nations that discusses and determines policies and actions around information and communications technology.

Internet Governance Forum (September 2-5, Istanbul) – IGF was originally established by the United Nations as a multi-stakeholder forum for policy dialogue around issues of Internet governance. 

Both WSIS +10 and IGF are extremely relevant forums in the global dialogue around digital inclusion. World Pulse will analyze each and every journal submitted to the campaign and generate key recommendations. At the forums highlighted above, World Pulse staff and community members will present your recommendations to technology companies, government officials, and international organizations to make sure grassroots women leaders’ voices are represented and heard in the global conversations on digital inclusion!

If you want your voice included in our Digital Literacy phase, make sure to submit by June 4th!

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