Sowing Confusion About Renewable Energy

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Renew Economy

We Don’t Need a Breakthrough to Make Renewable Energy Viable—It Already Is

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Sowing Confusion About Renewable Energy

Amory Lovins latest Forbes article breaks down the issues with a recent Economist feature claiming that solar and wind power are “the most expen­sive way of reducing green­house-gas emissions.” Read the full article here.

RMI Update

Appalachian Energy Summit

Last week RMI sent a team to the Appalachian Energy Summit in Boone, NC. Amory kicked off the summit by giving a keynote the first evening. Other RMI team members helped guide working groups and shared insights about how universities can be sustainability leaders. Learn More.


Solar’s Rapid Growth & the Myth of Necessary Storage

Solar power worldwide is now growing faster than cellphones. This video debunks the myth that a reliable electricity supply from mostly or wholly renewable resources will need giant “baseload” power stations or a breakthrough in cheap electrical storage. Watch now.


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RMI’s Lecture Series

Featuring Jules Kortenhorst (CEO), Chris Lane (CEO, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies), and Mike Kaplan (CEO, Aspen Skiing Company). August 14 from 5:30-7:30 at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen. Learn More


What You’re Saying

@MthsBell: Morgan Stanley: More Fixed Charges, more grid defection down the road. More


@figuerescr : Colombia celebrates today going into effect of Law 1715 promoting energy efficiency and renewable energies. @cwarroom & @RockyMtnInst here

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