Southern Green Living Expo, Asheville, NC, October 4-6.

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The Southern Green Living Expo To Define The Truth About Green Investing.


Green living is not just about building or healthier choices, it is also about choosing how to spend and invest money. With growing interest in protecting the environment for our future, sustainable and responsible investing is in the forefront of forward thinking economic discussions. This October, the truth about green investing and it’s local and regional impact will be a topic of demand at the 2013 Southern Green Living Expo held in Asheville, NC.

Banking, financing and investment industries will be included in the upcoming expo. Top entrepreneurs, thinkers, companies, investors, environmentalists and more will come together  to understand the economics of business and the environment.  A financial future is about choices that directly effect how and where you live. The Wall Street Journal recently reported some investors are losing interest in renewable energy investing due to lack of return. What was not reported is why green investing matters and the importance of responsible investment strategies.


“Traditional investment strategies carry risk, as do diversified, responsible investments. There is no greater risk with one or the other,” says Peter Krull, president of Krull and Company, a socially and environmentally responsible investment advisory firm. “Choosing to live life your life in a responsible manner, should also be reflected in your investment strategy. It’s about being intentional, putting money where your mouth is and supporting companies that are doing the right thing.”


The Southern Green Living Expo, is dedicated to educating the public about easy and workable solutions for leading a sustainable life. We believe in supporting local and regional communities that directly effect where we live, work and play, Mandy Berger, marketing director. This expo will provide 3 days worth of classroom style education on a variety of topics that support community development and regional economic growth.  Green investment is one piece of what will be available at this event. We encourage consumers to come learn what green is and why it is important, from what can be recycled to choosing eco-friendly investments.


About the Southern Green Living Expo:

The largest green living expo in the Southern Region of the U.S. A. Seeking to turn values into action to achieve the highest quality natural environment, healthier living, and regional economic growth. The expo will be held in one of America’s Greenest Cities, Asheville, NC October 4-6, 2013 at the US Cellular Center.

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