Soul of WoMen Grand Celebration at Mt. Fuji

Jay Owen Global Citizen, The Power of Yin

Soul of WoMen Grand Celebration Reports

We are still feeling the tremendous energetic impact created by the Grand Celebration of Soul of WoMen which was held on May 15th at Fuji Sanctuary.  A global network of like minded individuals as well as organizations have stepped forward to say YES to the Global Campaign and we look forward to future collaborations with you in amplifying the momentum we have built together.  There is an ever increasing need to heighten the awareness of the important and timely role of the Divine Feminine wisdom and principles to be recognized and expressed  in our personal lives as well as in society for a more balanced world.

The following reports highlight the programs of the Soul of Women Network Gathering of May 13th which led up to the Grand Celebration on May 15th at Fuji Sanctuary.  
Soul of WoMen International Gathering, Tokyo, May 13th
Symphony of Peace Prayers, Fuji Sanctuary, May 15th

Soul of WoMen Network Gathering May 13th, Tokyo.  Guest Signatories of the Fuji Declaration from abroad meet up with Japanese founding members of Soul of Women

Hiroo Saionji presides over the Grand Celebration of Soul of WoMen at
Symphony of Peace Prayers event, May 15th, Fuji Sanctuary

Synchronized Global Events

158 events took place in 1007 cities in celebration of SOW and we are still receiving articles and reports from around the world.  Your stories are an inspiration to the Soul of WoMen Community.  We invite you to submit your comments, stories and photographs on how you celebrated Soul of Women.  Submit here

Read what the world is saying about Soul of WoMen

– As integrative medical doctor my passion is to inspire women to live from their feminine essence. I fully support the Fuji declaration as a wonderful initiative to heal our world. • South Africa

I believe that the Synergy created when women and men work together, can accomplish everything.  • El Salvador

Male and female, man and woman, should be one. They both conform a organism with two parts. It is like a violin, it has two independent parts but it is a single instrument. Also, it is impossible to have a complete vision of reality without the confluence of both souls. Maybe the best symbol  ever for this reality is the yin and yang Tao symbol. Congratulations. I would have really liked to be in Japan for the Mount Fuji ceremony.  • Spain

I inspire women to develop Deep Confidence in order to live courageously and authentically as women, evoking the qualities of the Divine Feminine and showing up to make our unique contribution to the world.  • UK

I believe we will be able to generate a positive synergy that helps create a sustainable world by empowering both men and women and harnessing our deepest potentials and qualities.  • SingaporeThe World Celebrates Soul of Women

Soul of Women Global Network
May 15th Grand Celebration Registration

109 Countries    1007 Cities        158 Events        17474 Participants

Soul of WoMen Live Webinar
May 7th, 2016
In preparation for the launch and Grand Celebration Event of Soul of WoMen at Fuji Sanctuary, a Webinar was organized on May 7th.  It was hosted by singer songwriter James Twyman with guest speakers, Dr. Jude Currivan, Dr. Maki Saionji Kawamura and Gary Zukav, all of whom participated in the launch at Fuji.
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Soul of WoMen Affirmations

What comes to mind when you think and feel deeply about Soul of WoMen. Participants from across the globe have shared their Affirmations after reflecting on what Soul of Women means to them.  We hope you feel inspired to share your One Word Affirmation with us. Download the template and email us a photo of your affirmation.

The Future of Soul of WoMen

Stay tuned to upcoming Webinar Series, 21 Day Challenges, articles and more.  We invite you to send us your suggestions on how we can further amplify Soul of WoMen activities worldwide.

Keep Expanding the Soul of WoMen Network

Join us in expanding the network by inviting your friends and community to say YES to Soul of WoMen and keep the global network map growing. We invite you to visit our UStream page to watch the recorded event.Part 1
Part 2

Remember, the mission of The Fuji Declaration depends on people like you sharing their energy and intentions for a thriving world.