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The charity founded with 5% of Solarcentury’s profits, SolarAid, owns aretail brand that has just sold its millionth solar lantern in Africa.Operating in just four of Africa’s 54 countries, SunnyMoney has become thecontinent’s biggest seller of solar lights, in just three years, ahead ofoil company Total. 625,000 of these million sales have been in the last yearalone.I am hopeful that this hockey stick progress in displacing one use of fossilfuels – while increasing prosperity – can quickly become an internationalmicrocosm of what can be done progressively elsewhere in displacingcarbon-fuel use, as society struggles with climate change and other relatedchallenges. All SunnyMoney profits are to be recycled to that cause.For the next phase of our post-carbon adventure, Andrew Webb becomes ceo ofSolarAid based in London, with focus on global partnerships, fundraising,and research and policy development, leaving space for the new ceo ofSunnyMoney to base himself/herself in africa with total focus on growingSunnyMoney from a million lights today to 50 million by 2020 – the growth wefigure will be needed to hit our mission of playing the lead role in riddingafrica of kerosene use in lighting.Jeremy LeggettFounder and Chairman,Solarcentury<applewebdata://3DA81641-1FF9-43EC-8A1E-4EF1687899AC/> andSolarAid<applewebdata://3DA81641-1FF9-43EC-8A1E-4EF1687899AC/>Solarcentury and SolarAid:<>the vision we share.Author, The Energy of Nations