Solar weekend: China solar market looks promising for 2018

Jay Owen Resource Efficiency, Greentech

World’s Energy Giants Flock to Latin American Renewables Market

Vanessa Dezem and Mark Chediak | March 15, 2018
Latin America’s booming clean energy market is attracting the world’s energy giants, which are driving down prices and squeezing out the little guys.

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Norway’s Statoil Embraces Broader Energy Future with New Name

Jennifer Delony | March 15, 2018
Norwegian multinational oil and gas company Statoil yesterday said that it plans to change its name to Equinor to reflect its evolution into a “broad energy company” that will include renewables.

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Egypt Brings Online First Plant in 1.8-GW Solar Park

Salma El Wardany | March 14, 2018
Egypt inaugurated the first solar power plant at a remote desert complex where the government plans to generate as much as 1.8 GW from the sun.

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Solar PV in China Looks Promising for 2018

Liu Yuanyuan | March 13, 2018
China is expected to continue its high-speed growth in distributed PV during 2018, with rooftop distributed installations expected to tally somewhere between 24 GW and 30 GW.

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Energy Efficiency

Efficiency Startup Gets Funding to Cut Energy Use by Buildings

Mark Chediak | March 14, 2018
Carbon Lighthouse, a San Francisco-based energy-efficiency company, raised $27 million to expand its engineering and marketing efforts.

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A Global Game Changer for Energy Efficiency Investments

Victor Rojas, EDF with Commentary by Jennifer Runyon | March 14, 2018
A new underwriting and risk assessment standard could help scale up this $1 trillion global market.

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Batteries in Rural Electrification

Lithium-Ion Batteries About to Conquer the Rural Electrification Mini-Grid Market

Dr. Thomas Hillig | March 13, 2018
New investments from companies such as Shell, Engie, Mitsui, Total, and Caterpillar will boost the energy storage market in the rural electrification segment to up to 50 MWh annually — in the long-term, 1 GWh per year will be possible.

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