Solar Newsletter | Why Electrified Transportation Needs Microgrids

Jay Owen Greentech

This lead article on EVs has half the story.  In Ethical Markets TV show on “Renewable Energy“ in 2005, we showed that EVs could also be designed to store electricity and keep the home lights on at off-peak hours. Now the BBC reports that the Madeira Islands (off the coast of Portugal), are electrifying their grid and using EVs to store electricity to add or to balance load on their grid . So, as good futurists, we were 15 years ahead on this story!

Hazel Henderson, Editor
GTM Creative Strategies | 06.17.19
Why Electrified Transportation Needs Microgrids
Microgrids provide EV charging flexibility in terms of power and cost savings.
Emma Foehringer Merchant | 06.12.19
Bifacial Modules Win Reprieve From US Solar Tariffs
It’s the second and last round of exclusions from the Trump administration’s solar tariffs, officials said.
Jeff St. John | 06.11.19
Report: US Residential Solar Financier Sunnova Plans IPO
A public offering is in the works for the country’s fourth-largest residential solar TPO provider, according to a Reuters report.
Jason Deign | 06.11.19
New Ground: Spanish Firm Signs PPA for Crowdfunded Solar Plant
Europe’s first large-scale solar power-purchase agreement for a crowdfunded project comes as renewables contracts reach new heights of innovation.
Emma Foehringer Merchant | 06.10.19
Puerto Rico’s Latest IRP Increases Solar and Storage Targets
The utility’s latest integrated resource plan calls for 1,800 megawatts of solar and 920 megawatts of storage in its first five years.