Solar Deal-Maker 1BOG Acquired

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Solar Deal-Maker 1BOG Acquired
Toronto-based Pure Energies Group buys a startup that gathers neighbors into solar project blocs, puts it to use in comparison shopping.

Will Third-Party Finance Bring Solar Hot Water to a Boil?
Skyline Innovations is making money by providing hot water with no upfront costs.

Stat of the Day: 40 Percent More Wind, Solar, Hydro and Biopower in 2017
The IEA says renewables have come of age and will just keep growing.

The Global PV Manufacturing Landscape in 2012 and Beyond: A Brave New World
An excerpt from GTM Research?s latest report on the volatile global PV supply landscape.

Can You Name a Successful Cleantech Company?
Apparently cleantech VC investor Ira Ehrenpreis couldn’t.

Green Jobs: SolarCity’s Hiring Surge, Plus Ampulse, Banyan, Aquamarine
SolarCity hired 100 new employees in June.

Third-Party Finance for the Other 90 Percent (of Commercial Buildings)
EPR Squared says its “real estate structure” can put solar on multi-tenant buildings.

Guest Post: Are Solar Panels Commodities?
Suntech would say “no” and that decades of solar product testing and performance data show that not all watts are made equal.

When Will the Pain Subside? GTM Forecasts 21 GW of PV Module Capacity to Retire by 2015
GTM Research publishes its flagship analysis on the PV supply market, detailing the technology, economic and competitive dynamics at play in the global PV industry.

Guest Post: On the Road Toward Energy Independence
On this year’s Independence Day, keep in mind how much progress we’ve made.

Guest Post: Lighting the Haitian Night at Zanmi Beni
Even with light electrical loads, Zanmi Beni spends $475,000 per year in diesel fuel.

Changes Afoot for California PUC Net Metering Ruling?
Are utilities trying to use the legislature to undo a CPUC decision?

ESolar’s Bet on Modular Solar Power Towers With Storage
CEO: “Our objective is to compete straight up with the best-in-class PVs.”