Soitec Gets $25M DOE Funding for CPV Solar Factory in San Diego

kristy Greentech

GTM SOLAR WEEKLY | Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soitec Gets $25M DOE Funding for CPV Solar Factory in San Diego
Will CPV make it? Checking in with one of the leading concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems companies

Sunnovations: Solar Hot Water is Where the Money Is
A huge market globally, Solar Hot Water is an almost untapped market in the U.S. that’s still innovating and cutting costs.

Green Jobs: KP in China, Real Goods Solar Hiring, SEIA Adds Arno
Plus Codexis, Utilidata, SAGE Electrochromics, OneRoof Energy, Lincoln Renewable Energy, and Fraunhofer hires

GTM Research at Intersolar Europe 2012: Seen, Heard, and Ogled
GTM Research brings you the latest from Intersolar Munich 2012: Market trends, industry developments, and manufacturing “assets” on full display.

More Furloughs at First Solar While Dispute With LA County Drags On
Another 75 lost jobs brings the total to almost 300 as Alpine Solar is also set back.

Podcast: The State of the US Solar Market in 2012
A deep analytical dive into the U.S. Solar Market in Q1 of this year as well as a look forward.

What Solar and Offshore Wind Can Do Together
When cities are running at full speed, a combined approach to renewables might be needed.

Solar Letter From Germany: Subdued Mood at Intersolar Europe
Subdued—but with some optimism for 2012 growth, energy storage, and EU trade tariff rulings

Do Wind and Solar Add More Benefit to the Grid Than Cost?
“No evidence that would support any net renewable resource integration cost.”

SolarCity Gets New $250 Million Fund From U.S. Bancorp
Solar’s value brings the bank back for its sixth investment in third-party ownership.

Consolidation Chronicles: Scheuten, EU Solar Firm, Acquired by Chinese Power Firm
The solar consolidation continues with a Dutch BIPV firm acquired by a Chinese power company.

CPF Launches Assault on Rooftop Solar Costs With DOE Backing
Better system servicing and the right installer for each customer means less investor risk and lower-cost solar.

California Grid Hits Record Solar Generation Peak
A new solar generation peak of 849 megawatts on June 8

Good Solar News: US Solar Continues to Surge in 2012
The bad news is that domestic manufacturing woes continue.

First Solar Working With Intermolecular to Raise PV Performance
“We’ve been focused on growth in the last few years—we’re now entering a time to really move the needle to accelerate performance.”