Social Forum Calls for Fight Against Corruption, to Defend the Amazon

Jay Owen Global Citizen

Social Forum Calls for Fight Against Corruption, to Defend the Amazon Milagros Salazar

Corruption has penetrated the Amazon rainforest like an illness that infects everything, said Ruben Siqueira, coordinator of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), during the VIII Panamazonic Social Forum (FOSPA), which brought together in the Peruvian Amazon jungle representatives of civil society … MORE > >

Refugee Journalists, the Challenge of Reporting from Exile Elena L. Pasquini

Abdulwahab Tahhan is a journalist and a refugee. From his exile in London, he documents the war that is devastating his homeland of Syria, monitoring airstrikes and assessing civilian casualties for the non-profit Airwars. As for many journalists and netizens forced to leave their countries … MORE > >

Growing Inequality under Global Capitalism Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Income and wealth inequality has increased in recent decades, but recognition of the role of economic liberalization and globalization in exacerbating inequality has never been so widespread. The guardians of global capitalism are nervous, yet little has been done to check, let alone reverse the … MORE > >

Collective Amnesia in Famine Response and Resilience-Building Suresh Babu

The emerging drought-induced humanitarian crisis-prevailing in countries from Niger in West Africa to Somalia in East Africa-and conflict-driven famine conditions in South Sudan, Somalia, and Northeast Nigeria, have become a regular phenomenon. Even though these food crises can be prevented, … MORE > >

Flying Green in Bangladesh Sohara Mehroze Shachi

New technology could be the answer to reducing negative climate impacts of aviation – one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gases. And a recent quantitative research at North South University (NSU) of Bangladesh has found that upgrading the existing navigation system will reduce fuel … MORE > >

The UN Needs to Bring Parliamentarians on Board Andreas Bummel

In pursuit of the Agenda 2030 the UN is playing an increasingly important role. Its Charter was declared in the name of “We, the Peoples.” Elected representatives, however, who are interested in the affairs of the UN and its entities will discover that there are hardly any arrangements in place … MORE > >

Having exposed high profile corruption cases, investigative journalist fears for his safety and wears a mask, here speaking with IPS DG and other participants at the World Press Freedom Day 2017 observance in Jakarta, Indonesia. Credit: Oscar Cantu