Social Democracy. The Case For It

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“We are pleased to publish this OpEd by our advisor, Philip Kotler, the world’s pre-eminent social marketing guru  and co-author of “Activist Brands“( 2018). This current debate about the future of markets, which we believe will not survive unless they become more ethical, transparent and globally responsible, is highly relevant to our support of the “Green New Deal“ spearheaded in the 116th Congress by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D. New York) and so many others.

This visionary  Green New Deal proposal now has widespread bi-lateral support and is highly favored in recent polls by Democrats, Republicans and Independents.  We have offered all our research in our annual Green Transition Scoreboard® reports  (free downloads at tracking green investments and technologies  worldwide since 2007, now at a cumulative $9.3 trillion, to buttress the scientific case for this accelerated transition for the fossilized industrial era to the renewable cleaner, more inclusive Solar Age.

Hazel Henderson, Editor“