Social Change through Film: First Peoples Worldwide to Host Panel at Film Festival

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Social Change through Film: First Peoples Worldwide to Host Panel at Film Festival

Fredericksburg, VA—First Peoples Worldwide (FPW) will assemble and host a panel at the second annual Social Change Film Festival & Institute (SCFFI) in New Orleans, Louisiana. The festival, which runs November 28 to December 2, encourages filmmakers to focus on significant global social and environmental issues in creative, educational, and action-inspiring ways.

Although films are not limited to any one topic or theme, this year’s festival will feature films that address “Water: Challenges and Solutions.” More than one in six people worldwide – 894 million people –lack access to safe water and climate change is projected to significantly exacerbate water-shortage issues in the coming decades.

The SCFFI has collaborated with FPW to highlight Indigenous filmmakers. “Film is a powerful medium for our communities to share their struggles—and their solutions—with everyone,” says First Peoples Managing Director Neva Adamson. “We look forward to viewing the beautiful works submitted by our communities.”

Finalist films from last year’s festival include “Climate Refugees” by Michael Nash,

“There Once Was an Island” by Briar March, and “Nothing Rhymes with Ngaparjti” by

Suzy Bates.

To submit a film, visit this page.


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