SmartPlanet Daily: Will future college degrees be based more on experience than classroom time?

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November 07, 2013

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Think MOOCs are disruptive? What if students could obtain degrees just by passing a series of competency tests? They can now — at several public and private colleges and universities in the U.S. Discuss.

– Aly Windsor, News Editor




Will future college degrees be based more on experience than classroom time?

Increasing signs of a movement toward granting degrees without ever setting foot in a classroom.

By Joe McKendrick

Conventional nuclear giant Areva strikes thorium deal

Agrees to research and development with $17 billion Belgian chemicals stalwart Solvay.

By Mark Halper

A traffic-dodging app out of IBM’s Nairobi lab

Twende Twende processes traffic camera feeds and also predicts congestion on streets not covered by those cameras.

By Janet Fang

Tesla wants to build the world’s largest battery factory

Imagine all the lithium-ion battery production in the world — in one factory. That’s Tesla’s goal.

By Tyler Falk

Trusted brands can obtain troves of consumer data

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) today published the results of a survey on “big data” that highlights how trusted brands obtain the most information about their consumers.

By David Worthington

U.K. town will build driverless podcar system

Driverless cars are coming soon to one U.K. town, but not the kind you’re imagining.

By Tyler Falk

How Google Glass could drive workplace innovation

Which industries will benefit most from smartglasses?

By Tyler Falk

In China, low-cost smartphone rivals chase Samsung

Samsung is already the largest smartphone vendor in China. But its position has been under threat from low-cost Chinese competitors.

By Kirsten Korosec

Los Angeles wants a citywide gigabit fiber network

Los Angeles will soon start looking for a company to build (and pay for) super-fast Internet infrastructure for all.

By Tyler Falk




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