SmartPlanet Daily: There are (almost) as many cell phone subscriptions as people

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In a world with 7 billion people, there will be 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions by the end of this year. Could there soon be more subscriptions than people? Plus, can cheap, paper bike helmets help address one of the critiques of city bike shares?

– Aly Windsor, News Editor




There are (almost) as many cell phone subscriptions as people

The number of cell phone subscriptions worldwide has risen dramatically in just a few years.

By Tyler Falk

For better sex, the right architects: Zaha, Corbu

Can architects create places for better sex? Two new exhibitions may point the way, thanks to Zaha Hadid and the late Le Corbusier.

By C.C. Sullivan

Who benefits from the U.S.’ shale oil boom? Mexican manufacturing

The main beneficiary of America’s energy boom could be its neighbor to the south.

By Channtal Fleischfresser

Paper helmets: a solution to bike share safety concerns?

Recyclable and readily available, Paper Pulp Helmets could be sold near docking stations for about $1.50 a piece.

By Janet Fang

‘Dogichtecture’ puts design in the dog house

MEXICO CITY — In a new exhibit, architects re-imagine Fido’s digs.

By Lauren Villagran

How one airline managed to profit 10 years in a row

Allegiant Air has turned a profit for 41 consecutive quarters by flying where other airlines won’t go.

By Tyler Falk

Coca-Cola’s newest bottle is made entirely of ice

How do you create buzz about a product that’s been around for decades? Scrap your old packaging and design something novel and innovative.

By Kirsten Korosec

The crass English word that officially took Germany by storm

It’s vulgar in America, but everyone from Chancellor Merkel on down uses it so much it has entered the dictionary in Deutschland.

By Mark Halper

How LEGO re-assembled its innovation strategy

When it went through tough times, LEGO’s problem wasn’t a lack of innovation, but too much unfettered innovation,

By Joe McKendrick

The latest SME trend: Adopting a global mindset?

Are small businesses beginning to take a global, rather than local, attitude to their future?

By Charlie Osborne