SmartPlanet Daily: Saudi Arabia is building a massive $22 billion metro to cut oil use

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SmartPlanet Daily

August 01, 2013

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From the Desk of …

Saudi Arabia is serious about getting off the nonrenewable sauce. For now, their money is on electric rail. Meanwhile in the U.S., Ford plans to offer a natural gas-powered F-150. Will anti-EV consumers be seduced?

– Aly Windsor, News Editor

Saudi Arabia is building a massive $22 billion metro to cut oil use

Saudi Arabia’s largest city is getting its first metro rail system in a city where only 2 percent of population uses public transportation.

By Tyler Falk

Why crowded Hong Kong may become a data center hotspot

HONG KONG — Data centers require a lot of space. So why do so many think that crowded Hong Kong is an ideal spot for these big facilities?

By Vanessa Ko

Ryanair’s latest money-saving scheme: slower planes

Ryanair bets you won’t mind spending two extra minutes on their planes.

By Tyler Falk

Forget ‘fast fashion’. How about apparel with an ethical pedigree?

In Zady-land, style rules — but so does a well-edited closet, containing carefully sourced apparel.

By Mary Catherine O’Connor

Ford’s iconic F-150 pickup will now be able to run on natural gas

Ford Motor Co. plans to offer a natural gas option for its 2014 F-150 pickup truck models in response to increasing demand from businesses and fleet customers.

By Kirsten Korosec

Starbucks, Google to offer lightning-speed free Internet

Will the introduction of free Google Internet bring more coffee drinkers to Starbucks?

By Charlie Osborne

The future of travel: An EV for work, a sports car for weekend jaunts

Would trading your electric vehicle on the weekends for a sports car make EVs more attractive?

By Charlie Osborne

What technology has wrought: the rise of the ‘rateocracy’

Technology may increase corporate transparency overnight, in a way that decades of laws and regulations have not been able to accomplish.

By Joe McKendrick

U.S. car sales hit record rates, but millions left unsold

Are automakers too eager to refresh their product lines in the United States?

By Charlie Osborne

Students explore the possibilities of Google Glass

Where does wearable technology fit in the education sector?

By Charlie Osborne

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