Smart Planet Daily: A New Age of Sail? Clipper ships are back in business

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July 31, 2013

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But these aren’t your grandmother’s clipper ships. Plus, C.C. Sullivan asks whether architects have a duty, like doctors, to do no harm. What do you think?

– Aly Windsor, News Editor




A New Age of Sail? Clipper ships are back in business

Fuel costs for conventional ocean freighters are increasing. Rolls Royce and B9 Shipping are developing a cargo vessel featuring a 180-foot sail augmented by biomethane engines.

By Janet Fang


How much money can carshare save your city?

Chicago’s city government says it saves one million dollars a year utilizing carsharing services.

By Tyler Falk

See-through tech could turn smartphones into solar panels

UCLA researchers have doubled the efficiency of a see-through solar film that someday could be placed on windows and smartphones to harvest energy from the sun.

By Kirsten Korosec




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