Sixth GGKP Annual Conference kicks off in Paris on the theme of “Inclusive Solutions for the Green Transition”

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“Ethical Markets highly recommends the OECD’s Green Growth Knowledge Platform and will be posting results of this conference. We appreciate the recognition of our annual Green Transition Scoreboard at their earlier conference in S.Korea. Our 2018 report: “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition & Health“ is a free download at

~Hazel  Henderson, Editor”

Annual Conference Special Edition 

The Sixth Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) Annual Conference kicks off today on the theme of “Inclusive Solutions for the Green Transition” in conjunction with the 2018 OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum in Paris, France. The conference will address the political economy of the green transition, focusing on how a well-managed transition could become a strong driver of job creation, competitiveness and more inclusiveness.


This special edition of the GGKP Knowledge Update shares research highlights from the conference through a series of blogs and Q&As with conference presenters.


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The conference takes place alongside a series of other events held in Paris this week, all geared towards a greener future. These include the 2nd Global Forum on Green Economy Learning, the UN Environment Inclusive Wealth Media Roundtable, the UN Environment Finance Initiative Global Roundtable, and the Natural Capital Policy Forum.


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How To Reduce But Not Outsource Industrial Carbon Emissions

Economists agree that significant, comprehensive carbon pricing schemes are the best way to ensure consistent financial incentives for reducing emissions across all sectors. Why, then, do we see so few countries employing them to green their industries? Professor Carolyn Fischer discusses the main challenges to carbon pricing as well as a range of policy solutions in this GGKP Insights blog. Dr. Fischer will give a scene-setting presentation at #GGKP6 in a session on ‘Green growth and Competitiveness: firms who win, firms who lose’.


Read the blogHow Does Today’s Low-Carbon Transition Compare with Past Industrial Restructuring?

As economies decarbonise, what will happen to coal miners, offshore oil & gas workers or combustion-engine engineers? Is it possible to ensure a just and inclusive transition to a low-carbon future? Enrico Botta from the OECD’s Green Growth and Global Relations (GGGR) team explores these questions in this GGKP Insights blog. Enrico will present a new issue paper ‘A review of “transition management” strategies: Lessons for advancing the green low-carbon transition’ at #GGKP6 on ‘The effects of green growth policies on labour markets’.


Read the blogWhat Can We Learn From China’s Green Economy Policies? 

“Chinese institutions are testing innovative and ambitious policies on green growth, such as gross ecosystem product accounting, ecological compensation, circular economy, and ecological red lines,” says Dr. Christina Wong, a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Dr. Wong will present ‘The Social and Environmental Dimensions of China’s Spatial Planning System’ at #GGKP6 in a session on ‘Policies for Regional Resilience and Distributional Impacts’.


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