Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign: Simpol takes first electoral strides in Germany

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Simpol International – News Update
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Dear Simpol Supporter!

Please see below the latest news from the only campaign that allows you to use your official national vote to solve global problems: 

Simpol takes first electoral strides in Germany

Although only launched last year, Simpol Germany succeeded in gaining the support of some candidates and political parties in the recent Federal elections. The Eine Welt Partei (One World Party) became Germany’s first political party to support Simpol, while candidates, Jutta Zedlitz of Die Violetten, and Sebastian Czich of the Piraten (Pirate Party), became the first individual candidates to sign on. Small steps, perhaps. But this is just the beginning!

Simpol Iceland launched 

Simpol’s campaign in Iceland has just been launched! Heading up Simpol Iceland is National Coordinator, Arni Karlsson. In launching the campaign, Arni said “I have great hopes for Simpol in Iceland. Sometimes, swifter progress can be made in smaller countries.” 

If you have friends or contacts in Iceland, please tell them about our new Iceland website

Disappointment in Warsaw: What is the future for international summitry?

The failure of the recent UN climate summit in Warsaw to produce much of substance only echoes the routine failure of international summits. In two separate articles, Simpol’s founder John Bunzl shows how the Simpol approach could make substantive international action a real possibility rather than a forlorn hope.

See his huffington post article, Why Kofi Annan is Wrong about National Self-Interest and Climate Change and his article on the OpenDemocracy site, The Failure of International Summitry, and What we can Do about it.

Please ‘like’, tweet and circulate these articles to your friends and contacts and invite them to sign on to Simpol.

Russell Brand: The answers he should have given Paxman

British TV comedian-turned-global activist, Russell Brand caught the public imagination both in the UK and elsewhere about global justice and the public’s disenchantment with party politics. But is he making sense? Brand repeatedly failed to answer interviewer, Jeremy Paxman’s, key question: how? How do you get real change if you don’t engage with politics? In this Huffington Post article, John Bunzl, offers Brand an answer. 

Thank you all for your support for Simpol throughout this year and I hope you’ll want to get more involved during 2014. If you feel you have a special talent to offer the world through the Simpol campaign, please do get in touch. We need you!

Wishing you and all our supporters everywhere, very best wishes for a happy and successful New Year!


John Bunzl – Founder & Trustee

International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO)