Sharp Solar’s Ron Kenedi on Amorphous Silicon

kristy Greentech

Sharp Solar’s Ron Kenedi on Amorphous Silicon
Amorphous silicon (a-Si) will constitute as much as 50 percent of Sharp’s solar business in the coming years.

The Underlying Network in Smart Grid
Silver Spring, Proximetry, SmartSynch and SD G &E debate how to build out the grid.

Maryland PSC Reconsiders BGE Smart Grid Proposal
Baltimore G as & Electric only has two weeks to hold on to $200M in stimulus funds.

Better Place’s Mainstream Auto Market Grab
Cost equivalent of company’s battery-swapping service to be $2-a-gallon gasoline

Innovalight to Double Silicon Ink Efficiency
Nanocrystalline ink to boost mainstream solar cell efficiency to 20 percent

Enphase Adds Smart Thermostat to Microinverter Suite
Photovoltaics and the home energy network just moved a little closer—through the PV inverter.