Seeking the best SRI and Corporate Governance analysts in the world

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News

Extel WeConvene and announce that the IRRI 2014 Survey is now open for voting and that this year’s search for the best SRI & Corporate Governance analysts in the world is now underway.

The IRRI 2014 survey (Independent Research in Responsible Investment) identifies and rewards the SRI and Corporate Governance research firms and the individual analysts that are most highly-regarded by their investing clients and by companies.  It also provides valuable information on the current state of the SRI and Corporate Governance research value chain.

The survey runs from Wednesday 1 October to Friday 31 October and is open to all asset managers, asset owners, research providers, ‘sell-side’ brokers and quoted companies.

Here is the link to the voting page: IRRI 2014 Quick Vote

Steve Kelly of Extel WeConvene said “Asset managers, quoted companies and research providers all have strong opinions about how the market for SRI & Corporate Governance research should develop.  IRRI gives these market participants the chance to express these opinions and gives everyone the chance to see the shape of this emerging global research market.”

Mike Tyrrell of added: “Information is what moves markets – and the markets in SRI and Corporate Governance research are no different.  I would encourage anyone who has an opinion on how these markets should develop to vote and to encourage their colleagues, clients and other contacts to vote.”

Background information

How do I vote?

Vote here: IRRI 2014 QuickVote

What is IRRI?

IRRI is the annual, globally-authoritative, practitioner-based review of best practice and trends in SRI & corporate governance research.  It delivers detailed insight into what’s hot and what’s not in SRI & CG research and identifies the analysts and firms that are most highly-regarded by their clients, peers and professional counterparties.

Who can vote?

Everyone with a professional exposure to SRI or corporate governance research.  Everyone with a stake in the future of high-quality research.  Asset managers and asset owners, sell-side analysts and the IR & CSR directors of quoted companies can all vote.  So can the analysts and salespeople from the research providers themselves.

Organisations or individuals?

Individuals should vote in a personal capacity.  Each individual’s vote counts the same.  The survey does not accept ‘team votes’.  Our aim is to understand the specific day-to-day needs and opinions of practitioners not the policy positions of organisations.

 When is the IRRI voting period?

The survey runs from Wednesday 1 October to Friday 31 October.  Results will be announced at the end of November.  Please VOTE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  This will stop us bothering you further; it will also enable us to build momentum around the survey and encourage others to complete it.

How long does it take?

The Survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Vote here

Who voted in 2013?

660 professionals voted last year

Who runs IRRI?

IRRI is run in partnership between:

  • Extel WeConvene – the managers of the globally-recognised Extel Survey of the Pan-European research market.
  • – the global online SRI & corporate governance research platform and communications network

Will responses be confidential?

We would like to disclose the fact that you have voted … (to show that you contributing to the development of standards within the industry).  However, we will not disclose how you have voted.


Completing this survey benefits:

  •  Individuals: … because survey completers receive an advanced copy of the full results (non-completers will only receive an executive summary)
  • The whole SRI & CG industry: … because a transparent flow of practitioner-led information up and down the value chain improves the focus and quality of research
  • All asset managers and asset owners: … because it presents research providers with a globally-comprehensive picture of what asset managers need; this, in turn, leads to more focussed research and more tailored client service
  • All companies: … because it enables them to influence the shape of the communications that they have with SRI & CG research providers; to commend good practice and to encourage changes to inefficient or other poor practices.
  • All sell-side brokers: … because it allows them to showcase their own research product, to flag areas for partnership with independents and to reinforce messages to asset managers about their own business model and the commission allocation process
  • All SRI & CG research providers: … because it allows them to showcase their capabilities, to reward clients and to shape how companies, clients and other counterparties deal with them.

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