SDG Update – 17 July 2020

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News, Latest Headlines

Guest Article

Buildings vs. the Cooling Challenge: Better Building Design to Curb the Massive Rise in Cooling Demand

“Cool buildings” are designed with knowledge about the local climatic conditions, and adapt smartly to their environment. Read

COVID-19: What Happens When Summer Heatwaves Strike?

Green-blue infrastructure benefits climate change adaptation and mitigation while also contributing to human health and well-being. Read

Generation 2030

Global Efforts to Reduce Hunger Linked to Resolving Global Climate, Health Challenges

The 2020 State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World Report concludes that we are not on track to reach SDG 2 by 2030. Read


SDG 6 Accelerator Framework to Scale Up Water and Sanitation Action at the Country Level

Speakers at the launch event emphasized the value of UN efforts to deliver as one and interlinkages between action on SDG 6 and other SDGs. Read

Global Commission on Adaptation Calls for Climate-resilient Recovery from COVID-19

The Call to Action urges accelerated progress in seven areas. Read

UN SDG 7 Publications Urge Enhanced Energy Action Amidst Global Pandemic

Global clean energy access has improved but regional disparities persist. Read

WTO, ICC, B20 Sound Alarm on Diminishing Availability of Trade Finance Amid Pandemic

Gaps between current trade finance supply and demand may impede trade’s ability to support COVID-19 recovery efforts. Read