SDG Update – 12 June 2020

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“Ethical Markets fully support this Nature-Based Solutions Declaration and all the good work over the years of our friends at CDP.  All our decade of research in our Green Transition scoreboard reports (downloadable free at has reached similar conclusions.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Guest Articles

Unlocking Nature’s Potential

Tree seedlings being grown for a reforestation project in Africa.

Guest authors from CDP write that corporate environmental disclosure needs to be more transparent and common, including for Nature-based Solutions. Read






Generation 2030

UN World Oceans Day 2020 Virtual Event Highlights Solutions

Most of the spotlight solutions demonstrated innovation in a technological sense, while others showed social or structural innovation. Read





Member States Consider 8-Goal Review for 2021 HLPF

The proposal also calls for 2021 HLPF to take up three “areas of acceleration.” Read

GSI Event Places Trade and Climate Change at the Center of COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

Speakers recognized that there is a limited window of opportunity in terms of stimulus packages. Read

WFP, ODI Report Analyzes Evidence Base on Anticipatory Action

30 partners committed at the September 2019 Climate Action Summit to increase anticipatory action coverage. Read

UNCTAD Explores South-South Cooperation Solutions for the COVID-19 Era

Report suggests three key areas for action, including South-South cooperation for trade and industrial recovery. Read

Cities, Regions, Businesses Commit to “Race to Zero” Emissions in Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery

The campaign will identify the pathways to zero emissions in sectors such as energy, transport, industry, food, retail, and finance. Read