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Nature can, selectively, buffer human-caused global warming, say scientists

Posted: 02 Feb 2014 08:10 AM PST

Can naturally occurring processes selectively buffer the full brunt of global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities? Yes, says a group of researchers in a new study.

Three native aromatics indicated for use in Mediterranean extensive green roofs

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 10:08 AM PST

Scientists investigated native aromatic xyrophytes for use in extensive green roofs in semiarid Mediterranean regions using locally produced grape marc compost as a substrate component. Aromatics Artemisia absinthium, Helichrysumitalicum, and H. orientale were found suitable for growth in extensive Mediterranean green roofs under limited irrigation and substrate depth (7.5 cm).

Gardening provides high-to-moderate physical activity for children

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 10:08 AM PST

The metabolic cost of 10 gardening tasks was measured in children to determine associated exercise intensities. The children performed the tasks while wearing a portable telemetric calorimeter and a heart rate monitor to measure oxygen uptake and heart rate. Results showed digging and raking to be high-intensity, while the other activities were determined to be moderate-intensity. The data can facilitate the development of garden-based exercise programs for children that promote health and physically active lifestyles.

Nitrogen management studied in greenhouse pepper production

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 10:08 AM PST

Bell pepper was used in a study designed to reduce environmental pollution by increasing nitrogen use efficiency. Nitrogen was applied at four different concentrations to two pepper cultivars. Results showed that nitrogen treatments had no significant negative impacts on fruit physical or chemical quality, including sugar content and acidity. Reduced nitrogen applications did not affect nutritional components of the peppers such as beta-carotene and lycopene content, nor did they reduce antioxidant activity.