SB Business: Aspirational Consumers Unite Style, Sustainability To Shape Market Trends

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February 4, 2013      
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Sustainability To Shape Market Trends
Aspirational Consumers Unite Style, Sustainability To Shape Market Trends 
Is there such a thing as sustainable consumption? A new study by BBMG, GlobeScan and SustainAbility finds that a majority of consumers across six international markets are seeking to reconcile their desire for shopping and style with responsibility to the environment and society through their purchases.
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Ocean Spray Slashes Costs, Emissions Through Logistics Collaboration
Ocean Spray gained a 20% reduction in GHGs on top of a 40% savings in transportation costs by making smart process changes to one of its primary transportation and distribution routes, according to a new case study. Ocean Spray plans to include emissions-reduction methodologies in future transport and distribution plans.
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EPR in Healthcare: Yesterday’s Waste Is Today’s Business Opportunity
Product take-back programs offer promising solutions in the healthcare supply chain, as the industry begins to improve on its well-established throughput model that pushes large volumes of single-use disposable supplies and pharmaceuticals in a straight line from manufacturer to consumer to landfill.
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HP Helps Automakers Reduce Hazmats, Increase Recycling
HP has agreed to continue development of a database used by nearly three dozen car manufacturers to eliminate harmful substances from their automotive supply chains, and says it will help car manufacturers to achieve the ELV Directive’s goal of recycling 95 percent of the mass of each vehicle sold by 2015.
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The Circular Economy: Driver of Innovation and Social Good
During March 2013, Sustainable Brands will be publishing a new “Issues in Focus” editorial package, including daily features, interviews and case studies on the circular economy as a driver of business model innovation and social good. Guest editor Adam Werbach and the SB editorial team are seeking content to consider for publication in this issue.
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