Save the Date! Sixth Annual Avoice Heritage Celebration

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Save the Date! Sixth Annual Avoice Heritage Celebration

The CBCF invites you to attend the sixth annual Avoice Heritage Celebration on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 6:15 p.m. at the Hamilton in Washington D.C.


The Avoice Heritage Celebration is the CBCF’s official Black History Month event. The 2015 Black History Month theme, “A Century of Black Life, History and Culture,” recognizes the contributions and tireless efforts made by individuals and organizations throughout the years. During the awards ceremony, we will honor the two founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Rep. John Conyers, Jr. will receive the Distinguished Leadership Award and Rep. Charles B. Rangel will receive the Distinguished Pioneer award.


Rep. Conyers has served 50 years in the House of Representatives-making him the longest serving member in Congress and the first African American to hold the title. Rep. Rangel is also a member of House leadership. Rangel was once the chairman and now the most senior member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee.


CBCF Welcomes Spring 2015 Cohort of Congressional Interns

On January 12, the CBCF welcomed 21 undergraduate students and recent graduates from across the country to our Congressional Internship program. Students will spend their spring semester in Congressional member offices. Upon completion of the internship in early May, the interns will have gained an understanding of the legislative process and the inner workings of Congress.

CBCF Recognizes National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

African Americans make up 12 percent of the United States population but account for an estimated 44 percent of new HIV infections among teens and adults over the age of 13, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC also estimates that one in 16 African-American men and one in 32 African-American women will be diagnosed with HIV infection in their lifetime.


On February 7, the CBCF and Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (AAALI) will recognize National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Take charge of your health and know your status. Get tested and learn how to protect yourself and those you love.


 Changing Lives through Emerge 535 

“The CBCF has allowed me to grow as a young man and leader within my community. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities and experiences the Foundation has granted. While serving as a CBCF Communications Intern, I have discovered that you cannot move forward without giving back.”


– De’Marcus Finnell – Communications Intern, fall 2014


Emerge 535 is a campaign to promote diversity on Capitol Hill by placing 535 interns in congressional offices and committees. Diverse voices and experiences are important when making public policy decisions impacting all of America’s communities. 


535 seems like a lofty goal. But with your support, we can increase our intern placements each year.


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CBCF Congressional Internship Program


Alumni Spotlight: 

Glorie Chiza

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This week on The Village, read the new blog post: “Black Voices Weigh in on the President’s State of the Union Address” by Village Ambassador, Sharon Jenkins. 

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