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Can Coal Be Cleaner?
Trillions of dollars await companies that can burn coal cleanly or convert carbon dioxide into something worth selling. But is it possible?

VC in Greentech: Solar, Smart Grid, Fuel Cells, Recycling, Green Chemicals and More
Another $150 million of venture capital pours into the greentech sector.

Calera Progress Update: Cement and Fresh Water From CO2 and Brines
Calera claims CO2, SO2, fly ash, brines and wastewater can be transformed into clean flue gas, building materials, and fresh water.

Energy Efficiency in Japan
At Ceatec, we take a look at home energy gateways, smart appliances and charging stations that might soon be coming to the States.

Post-Partisan Power: Innovation is Not Enough
The idea for funding energy innovation from the American Enterprise Institute is a novel idea, but it falls short, says Eric Smalley.

Irish Efficiency Sage Cuts Energy Costs With Cloud Computing
Cylon Active Energy does energy management better because it did energy management before it was cool.

Sec. Salazar Approves Another Massive Concentrating Solar Power Plant
Tessera/Stirling’s Calico Dish-Engine project receives final approval from the Dept. of the Interior.

SAP and Siemens Team Up on EVs
SAP and Siemens are getting into the EV market of the future.