SAI Advisory Board Meeting Convenes in California

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News

SAI Advisory Board Meeting Convenes in California

5-year strategic planning meeting provides direction for future SAI endeavors and moves to enhance the reliability and overall impact of SA8000 through a new Social Fingerprint application process. 



From top to bottom Achim Lohrie, Tchibo GmbH; Sunil Bhaskaran, Tata Steel Limited; Ivano Corraini, Italian General Confederation of labor (CGIL); Federico Tani, Interpreter for Ivano Corraini


On November 12-14, SAI convened its semi-annual multi-stakeholder Advisory Board meeting hosted by the Walt Disney Company in Burbank, California. This meeting was devoted to outlining the main elements in our  5-year strategic plan. The focus for the next 5 years include:

  • Impact Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Relations – Deeper Engagement with Unions, Governments, and Civil Society. Worker Engagement – Exploration of Additional Ways to Engage Workers in SAI’s Work
  • Capacity Building –  Central Role of  High Impact Enabling Programs like Social Fingerprint Rapid Results 100 day project
  • Role of Convener – Facilitating the Sharing of Best Practices Among Corporations and other Stakeholders
  • Issues Expertise, e.g. Living Wage

Further explorations of these strategic objectives will be provided as a series through the SAI newsletter.  >>Read more


For more information, contact SAI Director of Operations, Michelle Bhattacharyya – [email protected].