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New York, Jun 19 2012 7:05PM
Members States today announced that they have reached an agreement on the
outcome document of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

?We now have a text which will be adopted at the Conference,? Rio+20?s
Secretary-General, Sha Zukang, said in a statement. ?We think the text
contains a lot of action, and if this action is implemented, and if
follow-up measures are taken, it will indeed make a tremendous difference in
generating positive global change.?

On Friday, the responsibility of the negotiations was handed over to the
Brazilian Government, which holds the Presidency of Rio+20. Delegations
worked on the consolidated text presented by the South American nation until
late last night, before announcing their agreement on Tuesday.

Mr. Sha stressed that since the document is the result of intensive and
prolonged negotiations, it is a ?compromise text,? in which countries have
had to both give and take to achieve progress.

?Like all negotiations, there will be some countries that feel the text
could be more ambitious. Or, others who feel their own proposals could be
better reflected, while still others might prefer to have their own
language,? he said. ?But, let?s be clear: multilateral negotiations require
give and take.?

The text will now be put forward for adoption by Heads of State at the
conclusion of Rio+20 on Friday.

The agreed outcome document spells out action points such as the need to
establish sustainable development goals and mobilize financing for
sustainable development, as well as the promotion of sustainable consumption
and production, among others.

It also stresses the need to include women, non-governmental organizations,
and indigenous groups in the sustainable development agenda, and calls on
the private sector to engage in sustainable corporate business practices.

In addition to the outcome text, there have been over 400 voluntary
commitments for sustainable development by Member States in the lead-up to
the high-level meeting of Rio+20, which officially starts on Wednesday with
an address by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

?The spirit of compromise is the mark of a good consensus, and crucial if
all countries are to be on board, take ownership, and share a collective
commitment,? Mr. Sha said. ?This is the only way forward if we want to
harness the necessary action for advancing together on a path of sustainable

Rio+20?s high-level meeting runs from 20-22 June, and is expected to bring
together over 100 heads of state and government, along with thousands of
parliamentarians, mayors, UN officials, chief executive officers and civil
society leaders to shape new policies to promote prosperity, reduce poverty
and advance social equity and environmental protection.
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