Research: Calculating the Hidden Risks of Environmental Damage

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Research: Calculating the Hidden Risks of Environmental Damage



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A new analysis reveals that some business activities do not generate sufficient profit to cover their natural resource use and pollution costs, creating large, hidden risks that affect some industries operating in certain regions of the world. The analysis can help businesses and investors take account of natural capital costs to help manage risk and gain competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Execs Say Sustainability Is Becoming More Important
Given the risks present in global supply chains, it may seem surprising that more companies have not made supply chain sustainability a priority. But, as the study suggests, this is changing. In recent years a series of natural disasters, humanitarian tragedies, and resource scarcity alarms are beginning to change the supply chain agenda.

Professional Standards Rising in the Field of Corporate Citizenship
This study documents the increasing professionalization of corporate citizenship. Most corporate citizenship positions are filled internally, though — a sign that company knowledge and strong relationships with leaders inside companies are crucial in these roles.