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This month, we dive into resources that help you understand the environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting landscape, analysis of short-term versus long-term needs in finance and debates over ESG disclosure rules. Read on for more…

Debate over Hong Kong’s ESG disclosure 


This summer, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) carried out a consultation to improve their ESG reporting guide and rules including requiring disclosure on significant climate-related issues and shortening the publication time for ESG reports to align with annual reports. Some media outlets reported that companies oppose the proposal, but many companies challenged the news for using limited sources and voiced their support for the consultation. We’ll continue to follow how HKEX’s ESG guide and rules develop. Read more here.

Connecting the dots of ESG reporting and investment players


A newly launched World Economic Forum (WEF) resource gives a snapshot of key players of the rapidly changing ESG ecosystem. The resource aims to provide clarity and a common basis for discussion between investors, companies and other players. The map was created after the White Paper “Seeking return on ESG” found that better system-level collaboration, communication and alignment are required to maximize the positive impact of the myriad of existing initiatives. Discover the map and read more here.

Reporting Exchange webinar


Join our upcoming Reporting Exchange webinar on 12-1pm CET/6-7pm HKT Wednesday 25 September. We’ll discuss the latest on ESG reporting including research from WBCSD Leadership Program teams on the value of ESG information for investor decision-making and the role of blockchain in sustainable decision-making. We’ll also hear from Tom Liu, our Reporting Exchange moderator, on the developments in Hong Kong around ESG reporting. Looking forward to discussing with you on 25 Sept. Register here.

Understanding the ESG framework landscape


Interested in understanding the history, characteristics and comparisons of ESG disclosure frameworks? Read Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund’s (GPIF’s) commissioned research paper Study of ESG Information Disclosure with key findings and recommendations.

Writing a meaningful ESG board position statement 


There is growing pressure among companies to link social and environmental considerations to corporate strategy and goal-setting. However, making the strategic connections between specific ESG issues and their implications on business decision-making can be challenging. The Embedding Project developed Next Generation Governance: Developing Position Statements on Sustainability Issues to help articulate a concise and transparent board level position on ESG issues. Check it out here.