Reporting Exchange Newsletter – the latest in ESG reporting

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Reporting Exchange Newsletter – the latest in ESG reporting
This month we highlight fascinating data on water risk and SDG 6, the state of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) information in the investment community, the latest on the TCFD Recommendations and our insights into how ESG reporting is developing.
Stronger disclosure 
Curious about reporting on ESG risks and opportunities? WBCSD’s newly released ESG Disclosure Handbook & Indicator Library are practical resources that address key disclosure questions and decisions, supporting effective and efficient disclosure practice.?It’s the product of four months of collaborative consultation from over 100 contributors. With these tools, you can make sure that you’re reporting the most relevant information for your business and your investors.
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Increasing risks, increasing withdrawals 
CDP released their annual global water report on World Water Day last month. The research is based on data provided by over 2,000 companies from around the world and gives key insight into corporate action towards SDG 6 –  clean water and sanitation. CDP’s key findings are that companies need to do more – too much water is being withdrawn despite a greater awareness of the risks – and that companies need to meaningfully embed water into corporate governance. Learn more here.
Integrating ESG across Europe, the Middle East and Africa 
Continuing their work together, the CFA Institute and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) have released a report on the state of ESG integration into investment portfolios across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Based on workshops and interviews, the report dives into how investors understand and use ESG information and data in eight key countries, including UK, Russia, South Africa and UAE. Read the full report here.
A new horizon? 
At the European Commission conference on a global approach to sustainable finance, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, spoke about progress towards a new horizon for business and investors, building on his Tragedy of the Horizons speech from nearly five years ago. In light of the TCFD recommendations, the new speech explored the development and prospects of three critical areas for capital markets – reporting, risk and returns on climate-related issues. See more here
Three key trends for 2019
 In an article for Ethical Corporation, we use our research from the Reporting Exchange to highlight three important and emergent trends in sustainability reporting:1) Investors want more and better-quality information, and this is spurring on disclosure around the world. 2) Key stakeholders expect disclosure to monitor the private sector’s contribution to healthy societies and environments. And 3) steps are being taken across the globe to legally mandate sustainability reporting. Find out more about each trend by reading the article here.