Renewable Portfolio Standards, FITs, and Federalism

kristy Green Prosperity

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Depending on one’s standpoint, development of renewable energy has been buffeted by diverse state attitudes, initiatives, and invocation of local regulatory rights; or enhanced by the willingness of individual states to be pioneers in crafting frameworks for renewables adoption or to be cornerstones of regional programs such as feed in tariffs and renewable porfolio standards. There are several U.S. Constitutional doctrines related to Federalism which have been cited by governing states during their efforts to insert renewables as a permanent part of the national and international energy picture. Vivid examples of this can be found in the contrasting legislative and administrative responses of New Jersey and California.

As this webinar will illustrate, the New Jersey and California examples are not just isolated case studies, but part of the larger panoply of the American effort to come to grips in a formal and substantive manner with the role of renewable energy as part of the national energy economy. The application of Federalism principles in the renewable energy context is rich with pertinent technical detail and will affect future legal decision-making. Moreover, it is central to the future of energy planning, not only in the United States, but in analogous contexts globally.

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