Renewable Energy Markets Conference, December 2-4, 2014

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About Renewable Energy Markets 2014

For nearly 20 years, the annual Renewable Energy Markets (REM) conference has been the leading forum for the clean energy marketplace.

Attracting participants from around the globe who share an interest in and commitment to promoting clean energy, REM remains the only conference of its kind focusing on national and international markets for renewable energy. Organized by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions and co-sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this annual meeting of clean energy stakeholders includes generators, marketers, utility representatives, purchasers, policymakers, and regional stakeholders, and sets the agenda for the year to come. This year’s conference will be held December 2–4 in Sacramento, CA.

Conference Program

Set in California’s state capital, REM 2014 promises to be the largest yet, with dozens of sessions covering every aspect of the North American renewable energy markets, including:

  • Organizations Using Renewable Energy: What renewable energy buyers and users need and how they get it.
  • Project Development: The role of renewable energy project development in the voluntary market: opportunities and strategies.
  • Marketing Renewable Energy: New information about market trends, customer perceptions of clean energy, sustainability and climate change strategies. Best practices for marketing and messaging to increase sales.
  • Policy And Legal Issues: How regulatory policy and pending legislation at state and federal levels will influence direction and growth of markets and investments. Legal issues impacting markets.
  • Markets And Trading: Regional market spotlights. New platforms and practices, exchanges, auctions, brokerages and tracking systems.
  • Bundled Electricity Products: Case studies of successful marketing efforts for green pricing programs and competitive electricity products, utility outreach and clean resource procurement. The interactions between compliance programs.

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