REN21 Renewables 2012 Global Status Report launched!

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We are very happy to announce the international launch of the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report! You can download the electronic version at

Congratulations on contributing to yet another edition of the Global Status Report. On behalf of REN21 Secretariat and the GSR team, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all for supporting us through production process. The GSR 2012 saw greater participation from the GSR community than any previous year, with nearly 400 contributors, researchers, authors, members of the REN21 Steering Committee and Secretariat. I would especially like to thank lead author Janet Sawin as well as respective section authors and GSR research team for their huge effort in addressing review comments, and putting together the final report.

As the report is officially launched today, we look forward to continuing our collaboration to promote the findings of the report. Continue your partnership with the REN21 Renewables 2012 Global Status Report by helping us spread the word and initiate dialogue around the key findings on the status of renewable energy world over.

Please find enclosed the GSR 2012 Outreach Kit, with links to

–          the GSR 2012 press releases in English, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portugueseand Spanish

–          the GSR widget which you can host on your website

–          the final report as well as the GSR2012 key findings,

–          and other REN21 applications that will help spread the word about the GSR 2012 and recent renewable energy developments.

We would be very grateful if you could keep us informed on the outreach steps you are taking. Please contact us at[email protected] for any further questions or support.

Once again, thank you for your continuous support to the Global Status Report and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future!