Reminder: Please Sign to Support the Green New Deal Today!

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“Ethical Markets is also a key supporter of the Green New Deal and is making all our Green transition Scoreboard research available to back them up!

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ASBC was the first business group to endorse the Green New Deal because it directly addresses concerns that impact America’s responsible businesses.

With so much at stake, we urgently ask you to help ASBC show broad business support for this historic opportunity. In our past, public-private collaborations achieved success against great odds. With a similar approach today, we can address climate change, restore America’s broad prosperity and improve quality of life for the 21st?century and beyond.

Please sign the business statement supporting the Green New Deal today — or by Monday, March 11, at the latest.

Please indicate your support right away, so we can share it with Congress as soon as possible.

One thing we all know: policy makers listen to businesses. Right now, business support may well make the difference between progress for people, planet and profits — and a worst-case scenario. Let’s do our best to turn the tide, together.

David Levine
President & Co-founder
American Sustainable Business Council