Reminder: Earth Charter education programme

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Dear Earth Charter friend,

We would like to remind you about our upcoming course that is to be held in the Earth Charter’s Educational Center for Education for Sustainable Development entitled: “Education and Values for Sustainable Development.

This week-long course (May 13-17th) will be facilitated by Professor Sam Crowell, emeritus of education at California State University and introduces the concept of sustainable development and its implications for education, learning, and change. Using a holistic and integrative approach, this course explores practical methods for introducing the values of sustainability, as articulated in the Earth Charter, to schools and classrooms. You can find the overview of the course, including the syllabus by clicking on the link above.

We still have a few spots open, so be sure to apply now and circulate throughout your networks!! Should you have any questions, please write to: [email protected]
Best regards,


Alicia Jimenez

Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development

and ECI Secretariat at UPEACE