Rehabilitation of Violent Extremists C-SPAN, August 6,2019

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Trendspotting

“Ethical Markets highly recommends this timely videotaped discussion on August 6th, at the US Institute of Peace on all the subtleties of languaging and framing of political and social issues and how they motivate different reactions in various populations.

All these mind-bending presentations by psychologists help us understand how important our words can be in shaping perceptions, spinning issues and interpreting events, whether they lead to greater understanding of facts and conditions, or proliferate misinterpretations, falsehoods and emotional reactions.

The panel looks at the effects of social media in radicalization of individuals who feel aggrieved, and covered many different ideologies: from white supremacy,  Germany’s beliefs in Aryan superiority, Isis terrorist plan to create a “Caliphate”,  to theological exclusionary beliefs about God in different cultures and countries.

The conversation focused on the paths to de-radicalization, the compelling narrative of one panelist’s experience as a former white supremacist, and another on how in Rwanda, those jailed for genocidal murders are re-habilitated and re-enter their communities.   Riveting and highly informative!

Hazel Henderson, Editor “


Rehabilitation of Violent Extremists

C-Span 2, “Rehabilitation of Violent Extremist”

The U.S. Institute of Peace held a discussion on combating radicalization and efforts to rehabilitate violent extremists. Panelists included psychology and sociology professors as well as Shannon Foley Martinez, a former white supremacist. Ms. Martinez currently acts as a consultant for the prevention and disruption of violent extremism. Leanne Erdberg, U.S. Institute of Peace countering violent extremism director, moderated the event.