Recording of webinar with Fritjof and Daniel Christian Wahl

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Sustainability News


I would like to share with you the recording of the recent webinar with Fritjof titled “The importance of systems thinking for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The webinar was a dialogue between Fritjof Capra and Daniel Christian Wahl ( Daniel Christian Wahl is a sustainability consultant, educator and author of the book Designing Regenerative Cultures. The webinar can be watched below.

The importance of systems thinking for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals:  Daniel Christian Wahl and Fritjof Capra in conversation

Additionally, I would like to remind you about an upcoming event with Fritjof.

The Systems View and Psychology: A conversation with Fritjof Capra and Debashish Banerji
Monday, December 9th, 2019, from 7:00-9:00 pm PST
Namaste Hall, 3rd Floor
California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
1453 Mission St., San Francisco, CA

The event is in-person and it will be live broadcast via Zoom at this link:  The event will be recorded and a link to the recording will be sent out following the event.

I wanted also to remind you about the next Capra Course Alumni Network Webinar.

Title: Fritjof on Research and Writing Methods

Date: The webinar will take place on Sunday Dec 15th, at 9:30 AM PST.

Description: In this webinar Fritjof will share how he engages with research, both through reading and dialogue with thought leaders. He will also discuss how he synthesizes his notes, the structuring of a book, and the rituals of his writing process. This is a very special webinar as it will be the first time that Fritjof will share about his process of research and writing.

The Zoom link for this webinar is