Reader Supported News: Iceland Proposes Citizenship for Snowden

Jay Owen Global Citizen

“ We at Ethical Markets  salute those in Iceland’s Parliament for this initiative .  Mr.  Snowden  has created an important debate which is needed in the world . This  should be the focus  of media attention going forward .  If Mr. Snowden is brought back to the USA  the ensuing media coverage  of him  will be  diverting attention from these important issues . Hazel Henderson, Editor  “

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<p style=Reader Supported News | 05 July 13 AM

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Reader Supported News

Iceland Proposes Citizenship for Snowden
NSA whistleblower <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>Edward Snowden</strong>. (photo: Guardian UK)” src=”” border=”0″ /><br />
<i><span style=Jenna Gottlieb, Associated Press
Gottlieb reports: “Icelandic lawmakers introduced a proposal in Parliament on Thursday to grant immediate citizenship to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.”

John Pilger | Forcing Down Evo Morales’s Plane Was an Act of Air Piracy
John Pilger, Guardian UK
Pilger writes: “The forcing down of Bolivian President Evo Morales’s plane … an act of air piracy and state terrorism.”

2 Senate Democrats Seek Comey’s Views on Waterboarding
Scott Shane, The New York Times
Shane reports: “Two Democratic senators expressed concern on Wednesday about Mr. Comey’s views on waterboarding and his role in approving ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.'”

Should the “Nobel Prize for Food” Go to a Monsanto Exec?
Anna Lappe, Grist
Lappe reports: “While the genetic engineers promise that their technology can deliver, experts I’ve interviewed here and around the world are doubtful.”

Sioux Tribes Plan Large-Scale Wind Energy Project
Kristi Eaton, Associated Press
Eaton reports: “A group of Sioux tribes in South Dakota are hoping to pump some much-needed revenue into their economies with an ambitious wind project.”

Special Coverage: The Trial of Bradley Manning
Reader Supported News
Reader Supported News is at Fort Meade reporting on the Court-Martial Trial of war crimes whistle-blower Bradley Manning. Despite significant opposition from the Army’s court administrators, RSN remains on the base gathering facts and pursuing its Media Access action against the Army. Stick with RSN for the latest developments from The Trial of Bradley Manning.

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