Reaching the Underserved Multi-Tenant Market Through Energy Efficiency Financing

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Reaching the Underserved Multi-Tenant Market Through Energy Efficiency Financing 


Over the past several years, financing for energy efficiency investments has been widely viewed as a promising solution to reducing upfront cost barriers to investment in energy efficiency. However, several markets, including multi-tenant commercial office and multifamily, remain stubbornly hard to reach.  


Today ACEEE released a new report, Financing for Multi-Tenant Building Efficiency: Why This Market is Underserved and What Can Be Done to Reach It, which explores the barriers to and opportunities of using financing measures for energy efficiency in multi-tenant, commercial office spaces. The report provides an in-depth look at the barriers and potential solutions to energy efficiency investment in commercial-leased space markets in the United States, particularly the commercial office market. It provides an overview of the commercial office market in the United States and explores how different owner-manager-tenant structures and relationships impact split incentives. The report also discusses the extent to which financing mechanisms can address specific barriers to energy efficiency investment, making retrofit investments feasible for a larger population…


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