Radical Ecological Democracy: A Path Forward for India and Beyond

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July 2014 Bulletin

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This month, our publications survey the landscape of global civil society, identifying both challenges and opportunities.

Burkhard Gnärig argues that international civil society organizations are wedded to a model of governance and operations out of sync with today’s challenges. They will need to adapt—or risk being left behind.

Gus Speth reviews the new book Protest Inc., which offers a provocative critique of large NGOs for their failure to think beyond the capitalist system. Speth finds merit in the critique, but advocates going beyond it to explore the conditions for the emergence of a more systemic radicalism, which may be arising sooner than we think.

Ashish Kothari, in an essay on the framework of radical ecological democracy, finds hope for a deep social shift in the numerous efforts in india (and beyond) that are seeking to forge alternative economic development pathways.

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  Current Publications

Numerous grassroots initiatives devoted to fostering sustainable and equitable alternatives to the dominant economic development model have recently sprung up in india and other parts of the world. The emergent framework of radical ecological democracy can inspire such a values-led transition to a better future.

With commentary from David Barkin, Federico Demaria,
Helena Norberg-Hodge, and Neera Singh.



The Future ICSO

Burkhard Gnärig
An interview with Burkhard Gnärig, the Executive Director of the International Civil Society Centre, about the current landscape of international civil society organizations (ICSOs) and what they must do to adapt to a world filled with new challenges and opportunities.

Peter Dauvergne and Genviere LeBaron’s new book Protest Inc. analyzes the headwinds driving against the rise of radical activism. Although it offers a much-needed critique of the weakening of ngo resolve to challenge the system, it provides little guidance on how to bring such change about.

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