Public Banking Institute: New Web Site Launched / Symposium Tomorrow

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Hi  – Check out our new web site – just in time for the Santa Fe symposium Saturday!

Check Out Our New Website!

After months of work, the new Public Banking Institute web site is finally LIVE. Click here to see it.  We have moved it to the Nationbuilder platform to better serve you and realize our mission, and we’re very excited about the additional reach and possibilities we now have available. We will keep adding exciting content over the next few months. Many thanks to a foundation in Vermont for funding the work – we can’t do any of this without support from donors – and members like you.

Santa Fe Symposium Saturday

This week, the media coverage of the upcoming symposium here in Santa Fe has been remarkable. We have been participating in TV and radio interviews from dawn til dusk! Hundreds of people have registered for tomorrow’s events, and many more are expected to come and hear about how public banking can save municipalities money while at the same time creating jobs and opportunities for the people in the community. With a receptive mayor, a very organized local group, and a feasibility study process underway, Santa Fe could well become the first municipal public bank in the nation!

Tomorrow’s symposium will be streamed live. You can link to it through PBI’s new web site, or by clicking the links below. We hope you can join us live or virtually! 

The Main Session will be streamed live from 10:25 am to 9:30 pm (Mountain Time) at this link:

A single concurrent Side Session will be streamed from 10:25 am to 12:00 pm (Mountain Time) at this link:

Announcing Our New Strategy: Join Us To Make It A Reality

PBI is unveiling a whole new strategy to raise awareness about – and get public banks on the ground!

  • We are preparing to officially launch the New Economy Academy website as part of the movement underway to transform “the dismal science” of economics to a science of sustainable prosperity.
  • We have created a team of professionals to support cities and states with the deep research and analysis necessary to establishing the case for public banks to elected officials, bankers, and bureaucrats.
  • We are launching Project Sunshine in 2015, which will expose the costs to city and state governments of holding their funds with the big banks – and NOT having their own public banks.  (The cost to LA is at least $204 million annually!)
  • We are transforming our existing web site to better serve you, to support an even more robust community of passionate like minds, and to be more effective in our mission.
  • We are launching our Cutting Edge Conversations in October, which features engaging and inspiring dialogues with pioneers in the new economy movement.
  • We are creating a series of short viral videos to take our message far and wide.
  • We are expanding our ability to support local public banking efforts around the nation (and the world – we have major sister PBI organizations in Canada, Ireland, and Australia).
  • We sponsored the “Rethinking Economics” conference in NYC in August to bring a public banking perspective to students and economists (a great success!).
  • We are sponsoring the Philadelphia “Public Banks for Public Works” conference in October, where a lot of exciting things are brewing.
  • We are already planning a 2015 annual conference in Vermont, another hotbed of public banking!

We believe that this kind of multidimensional, yet focused strategy is what it is going to take to raise awareness of public banking – and to get public banks on the ground.  However, all this important work takes planning, lots of people, materials, phones – and funds. The big banks sure aren’t funding us – they would be happy to see us disappear, yesterday!

We need support from YOU to make our vision and plans a reality. Every donation helps – especially regular monthly memberships we can count on to support our core operations. Just because you can’t give us $25,000 doesn’t mean you can’t help!  Today we launch a membership campaign to expand our community by 1200 new members over the next few months, including 350 in October.  Whether you can donate $5 a month or $5,000 a year, join us today. We need you – together we can do this!

Every member will be getting two free New Economy Academy courses in October, but when you join at the $10/month or greater level, you will get access to all the New Economy Academy courses, which we will be adding more and more of every month!

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to our current members!  You are truly leaders for a new economy. (We will be contacting you soon with information on your free courses and other new benefits of membership, and login instructions for our new website.)

Sign up at the link below. Go to the web site. Join us to create a banking system that works for us ALL as we continue to move forward on all levels to raise awareness about public banking, and get public banks on the ground!