Public Banking Goes Live Online!

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Public Banking Goes Live Online!

The Santa Fe Symposium – Banking on New Mexico – will be live streamed on the web this coming Saturday, September 27. Click here for the main session at 9:30 MDT. Click here for the side session at 10:25 MDT.

If you are working on public banking in your area, get a group together to watch it and discuss the results afterward. Invite your local legislators. Use it as a kickoff campaign for a feasibility and economic impact study to be done. It’s a great opportunity to jump start a public bank.

Our intention is to make public banking accessible to everyone, whether or not you can fly to Santa Fe for a symposium. We are grateful to the organizers in Santa Fe for making it all possible.

New PBI Website Launching This Week!

We are launching a brand spanking new web site this week to serve you better and to get the word out at a whole new level.  It’s part of our new master plan to get public banks on the ground – stay tuned!

New Economy Academy

The New Economy Academy is also going live, with exciting courses and regular Cutting Edge Conversations kicking off with interviews from Santa Fe.  Join PBI now to get access to these exciting and timely features.  We have two courses available now at the Academy for members: Introduction to Public Banking and Establishing a Public Bank with Tom Sgouros and Gwendolyn Hallsmith. Two more courses are in development now that are free to members: The Secret History of Money and The Power of Public Banking, given live by webinar in October, and then available on the New Economy Academy as a recording, to watch when its convenient for you.

Many other classes are on the way, including a class on Conducting an Economic Impact Analysis and Reading a Consolidated Annual Financial Report (CAFR). These are invaluable tools for you to use if you are in the process of developing a public bank where you are.

Membership Drive Launched

In Santa Fe, we are kicking off a membership drive to bring at leasr 1,200 new members to PBI to support our core activities while we develop the resources for the New Economy Academy, the state and local efforts, and the training and technical Assistance we are offering to governments like Santa Fe who are serious about moving forward to create a public bank. Join by clicking here and help us make public banks happen.

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