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This week at Project Syndicate, Mohamed El-Erian argues that the bane of US protectionism could be a boon to the global economy, Robert Skidelsky challenges the conventional belief that machines raise workers’ living standards, Minxin Pei explains why US-China trade relations have always been about security, and more. Join the conversation.

Economics & Finance

The Dialectic of Global Trade Policy

Mohamed El-Erian suggests that the US turn toward protectionism may ultimately turn out to be a beneficial disruption.

Innovation & Technology

The AI Road to Serfdom?

Robert Skidelsky questions the conventional economic narrative according to which machines inevitably boost workers’ incomes.

Politics & World Affairs

Brexit’s Lost World

Ngaire Woods argues that three changes since 2016 make a no-deal exit from the EU a threat to the UK’s national security.

Economics & Finance

Why a US-China Trade Deal Is Not Enough

Minxin Pei argues that Sino-American economic discord has been fueled by underlying security concerns.

America First, Fallout Later

On Point

America First, Fallout Later

William L. Silber sees eerie parallels between the Trump era and one of the darker episodes of the 1930s New Deal.

Economics & Finance

This Time Really Is Different

Christopher Smart thinks investors will face unprecedented technological and political uncertainty in the next business cycle.

Politics & World Affairs

The Birthplace of America’s New Progressive Era

Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca explain how California’s state authorities are ushering in a new reform movement for the twenty-first century.