Prince William + Climate Prize

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“Ethical Markets fully support this new Earthshot Prize, and have signed up as a Partner.  This Prize is another good way to accelerate the “Green New Deals“ now sprouting up in the USA, the EU and over 100 other countries, as we reported from Stanford University’s Prof. Mark Z. Jacobson research.  A gap in the current research on solutions is that on expanding our imperiled global food supply teetering perilously on the planet’s 3% of dwindling freshwater, by upscaling the growth of all the planet’s salt-loving plants (halophytes) which thrive on saltwater without pesticides or fertilizers on unused, degraded land, with complete protein nutrition AND whose long roots capture ambient CO2 efficiency, see our Tv show “Investing in Saltwater Agriculture“ with NASA Chief Scientist Bushnell and our reports at


Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Prince William Launches Multimillion Dollar Earthshot Prize for Climate Action